Welcome to American and European Automotive - nearly five decades of proven excellence you can count on.

I grew up around cars and have always had a strong fascination for them. My father was a mechanic and it was he who introduced me to everything I needed to know about cars. From the front bumper to the rear bumper, he taught me every little detail about cars and how to fix them. 

It was in 1971 when my father first started our company dedicated to providing quality repair and preventive maintenance services for American and European cars. He named it American and European Automotive.

Even in those days, it was not easy for car owners and collectors to find good import mechanics to work on their European cars. My dad was knowledgeable and skilled with all types of vehicles and our shop quickly gained recognition as the preferred destination for European car owners in the area. 

Growing up, I devoted all my free time to learning as much about fixing cars and enhancing their performance, because I, like my father, developed a strong passion for working on American and European cars. When my father passed, I took over the reigns and carried on our company's legacy of excellence in providing outstanding repair and preventive maintenance services for European and American cars.